The Wharf ~ Restaurant & Lounge

The history of the Wharf Restaurant is a long and fascinating one. It began in the early 1950s as a coffee shop overlooking Noyo River and the fishing fleet. Fishermen would gather in the coffee shop to watch the ocean and breakwater while waiting for weather and wave conditions that would allow them to head out to the fishing grounds. Noyo Harbor became a successful salmon-fishing port, and the coffee shop grew into a popular and successful restaurant for locals and tourists alike.

The commercial fishing fleet still sails past the Wharf’s dining room and lounge windows in pursuit of Salmon, Albacore, Cod, Sea Urchin, Red Snapper and Crab, most of which are featured on the menu. Sport fishing charter boats, whale watching excursions, private boats, Coast Guard vessels, kayaks, seals, and sea birds of all kinds will pass by as you enjoy your lunch or dinner at Silver’s at the Wharf. Come early to get a window table over the water and watch the world of Noyo Harbor unfold.

Silver Canul, co-owner and Executive Chef, has an extensive background in French Cuisine, the food of his Mayan heritage, and Southeast Asian cooking through the Culinary Institute of Art at Greystone. Local seafood and continental favorites are featured on both the lunch and dinner menus as well as the increasingly popular lounge menu.

Please note that the restaurant is ADA accessible. There is a two person lift which accommodates a large wheel chair. The entry door of the restaurant has an automatic open and close button to aid those who need help with accessibility. Get more information and photos on our Accessibility Page.